Looking for sexy, steamy ideas to spice up the night with your partner and increase the intimacy and fun? We’ve got you covered!  Don’t just settle for the classic ‘Never Have I Ever’ or ‘Truth or Dare’.

Read on some of our fabulous and intimate ideas for you to try;

  • Board Games

One intense example is the ‘Hearts Are Wild’, where it comes with card decks, blindfold, feather tickler, cinnamon massage oil and a game board. Another steamy sex game is the ‘Around the World’. It comes with a male and female shape figures to stick to the wall, as well as a dart board.

  • Hot or Cold

All you need is a mug of tea, a hot water or one glass of water. Simply stoop at the front of your partner while he is lying back or standing on the border of the bed. Give your guy a blowjob in which you take swap between cold and hot through taking drops of the steaming hot or icy cold liquid. Whoosh it around your mouth and swallow.

  • Park It

What you need is a car and a parking place in which you won’t be disrupted. Begin by having sex inside the car. Act as if one of you is still a virgin, while the other one will teach him or her how it is all carried out. Now, give a step by step lesson about ways to use lips, hands and other parts of the body to arouse the teacher.

  • Follow the Honey

In order to play this game, you need a squeeze bottle of honey. To start with, plant small squirts of honey on any part of your body that you want to be kissed by your partner. But if you do not prefer a food placed onto your body, you can try it using a flavored lube.

  • Grab Bag

In this type of sex game for couples, you merely need a large bag, a blindfold and of course, your favorite sex toys. In a huge bag, put all the sex toys. One of you will need to put on a blindfold and get a sex toy. The sex toy you get will be used for foreplay.

  • Dessert Bar

Prepare cherries, whipped cream, sprinkle, and chocolate sauce. Rather than eating sweet foods after your dinner, transform your meal into a sexy, thrilling game. Help your loved one lie down while slowly topping him/her down with your fave treats – from hot chocolate sauce to whipped cream. Lick them off gently. After that, they can do the same thing with you. Once done, take a shower and get going so you can reach the sweeter spot!

Purchase an actual sex game!

There are huge selections available right now in the market.  They oftentimes come in playing card version. Some need an extraordinary pair of dice. Others come in the form of set up. Nookii is a combination of these features. You may bet all throughout the night with your partner with its easy to adhere rules.

Any sex games in mind that you want to share? Comment them down!


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